Commercial & Employment

With a global perspective, we provide clients strategic solutions for business growth and risk mitigation, encompassing contractual, financial, employment, and other facets.

& Employment

Leveraging our extensive experience in Hong Kong, we specialize in international cross-border advisory, addressing diverse aspects such as transactions and employment issues for our clients:

–  Buy and sell shares or assets.
–  Joint venture agreements.
–  Shareholders’ agreements.
–  Licensing and franchise agreements.
–  SaaS agreements.
–  Software development agreements.
–  Distribution and agency agreements.
–  Termination agreements.
–  Executive employment Agreements.
–  Legal opinion for use overseas.
–  Due diligence investigation in Hong Kong and overseas.

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We offer comprehensive counsel on various employment matters, ensuring that our clients are well-equipped to handle a wide range of issues. Our expertise encompasses areas such as long-service payment, discrimination, redundancy, dismissals, annual leave, statutory leave, and more.

With our guidance, clients can navigate the complexities of employment law, address challenges effectively, and make informed decisions that promote a fair and compliant work environment.

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With a global perspective, we offer comprehensive counsel on intellectual property matters to clients worldwide. Our expertise spans trademark applications, licensing/assignment of intellectual property, and effective objection handling. Through our diverse range of services, we strive to facilitate international business growth while effectively mitigating financial and legal risks for our clients.

Our goal is to protect and maximize the value of their intellectual property assets, providing them with a competitive advantage in the global marketplace.

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Annual Retainer &
Consultation Services

To provide ongoing support and convenience to our clients, we offer an annual retainer package that includes telephone consultations. With this retainer, our clients have access to our expert guidance and advice on a wide range of contractual transactions, both at the international and local levels.

This service ensures that our clients can seek timely assistance, clarify their contractual obligations, and make informed decisions to protect their interests. Our team is readily available to address any questions or concerns that may arise, helping to streamline the contractual process and provide peace of mind to our valued clients.

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Q1 What is the importance of lawyers?

1. To protect clients from risks and losses through advising clients on what and how to comply with the law and to avoid noncompliance issues.
2. To advise clients so that legal documents will accomplish their goals, such as contracts, wills, and deeds and to save clients from stress and worries.
3. To assist clients when matters are in dispute to advocate for best results for the client.
4. To provide the necessary specialized knowledge and experience to deal with civil disputes, criminal and regulatory inquiries, investigations, and prosecutions.
5. To assist clients to assess business risks and to help to prevent and/or reduce losses.

Q2 When should I hire a business lawyer?

It’s best to do this as early as possible. You’d like to find a lawyer who deals in contracts and business, and has no problem identifying issues and helping you to understand risk while giving you the ability to rationally make those decisions.

It could be ten times less expensive to hire a lawyer to get things right in the first place than hiring a litigator to clean upthe mess when things have broken and the parties are adversarial.

As the saying goes, “Having a lawyer is like having a gun. It’s better to have one and not need it, than to need it and not have it.”

Q3 Could I hire a lawyer to reread a contract for me and tell me what it really says?

Absolutely, we will educate you with respect to the issues you may not have even thought about.

You simply do not know at present whether you even need legal consultation.

Q4 What would be a reasonable price to have a lawyer on retainer?

It ranges between law firms. It will depend on the seniority of lawyer, the complexity of the case, how long the lawyer thinks the case will take, what the expenses will be, so on and so forth.

Many lawyers want the entire fee up front. Others will take a percentage of what they expect the fee to be.

Others will have an evergreen retainer which is required to be replenished once it goes below a certain amount.

A retainer could be a couple thousands or 100s of thousands (or more).