Founded in Hong Kong, Bridge to Global Success

We serve with integrity, professionalism and passion.

We are a boutique law firm, based in Hong Kong servicing the international communities– from mid-to-large sized corporates to individuals. Led by Elsa Law, an experienced lawyer with over 25 years of practice in Hong Kong, we are known for our client-centric approach providing the best solutions to companies and individuals that come to us for advice on contracts and commercial transactions, legal settlements, disputes, or simply a consultation with a legal and holistic perspective.

Our Approach

We listen to and care for our clients. We aim to provide a solution that gives them ease of mind.


From our experience, regardless of the legal dealings, conflicts among companies/individuals always stem from human relationships. In solving such conflicts, we serve as our clients’ navigator in the negotiation process by demystifying the issues facing them and helping them comprehend what is at stake. We are not afraid to go the extra mile by taking care of clients’ emotions — simplify their problems, ease their concerns, gain clarity and eventually ease of mind.


Every case is unique. We dedicate our efforts to understand the underlying concerns of our clients, from fact-finding, reviewing all involving issues, assessing every party’s state of mind, to conducting a holistic review and providing time-and-cost-effective solutions that best served our clients’ interests.


We pride ourselves in our professional, multi-perspective approach. Not all solutions are best resolved in courts. By dissecting and analyzing the problems, we undo the knots, mitigate risks and achieve a desirable outcome with our legal expertise and beyond.


Agile, flexible and culturally sensitive are our strengths. We are experienced in advising international clients on local legal issues; we are also regularly representing companies and individuals in the APAC region on their cross-border transactions. Our partnering firms in over 50 countries also form a strong global network to provide on-the-ground support for clients in need.