WPH v SCH FCMC 11500 / 2014

The wife commenced divorced proceedings in Hong Kong. The husband commenced divorced proceedings in Taiwan. It was a question of whose proceedings should stay. An objection to the husband’s application was made and argued. We assisted the wife with a successful application to stop the husband’s application for divorce proceedings in Taiwan.

MAR (nee ARM) v. MM ( FCMC10439/2014)

We helped the petitioner wife in this case to recover monies that were due to her by a respondent husband under an order by consent between the parties, and was able to fend off the respondent husband’s application.

Links International Relocations Limited trading as Links Relocations v Swift Christopher Lee DCCJ 817/2012

The Defendant, a commercial lawyer, instructed the Plaintiff to deliver wines to Japan. The wines were held in Hong Kong pending the Defendant’s instruction. The Defendant returned to Hong Kong after 2 years and claimed the return of the wines but refused to pay at all. The Plaintiff commenced proceedings against the Defendant and recovered storage fees and costs against the Defendant. We have successfully defended a claim by the Defendant to return wines to him and have recovered storage costs and other costs for the Plaintiff.

Links International Relocations Limited trading as Links Relocations v Swift Christopher Lee HCMP 857/2014

The Defendant had applied for leave to appeal on the ground that the trial judge failed to take into certain facts during the trial but his application was turned down with a costs order against him. We have successfully defended Defendant’s application to appeal the decision of the lower court.


The defendants are Incorporated Owners of blocks of building in Kowloon, for whom we represented. Several applications were made for the defendants, such as the production of documents, amending the defence, variation of costs order, in order to assist the defendants in their defence, which applications were successful.

Ryoden Lift Services Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Rialto Mansion DCCJ 36/2005

The Defendant, an incorporated owners, terminated a lift maintenance agreement with the Plaintiff well before its contractual expiry date. Defendant held the view that they were entitled to terminate despite the contractually agreed term. It was decided, after trial, that the Defendant was in breach of the agreement. We successfully recovered losses and damages from the Incorporated Owners for payment of the unexpired term as well as costs.