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About Us

Yesterday is history, the best has just BEGUN: We provide team excellence, proactive approach & enriching lives

We know the value of time and how important it is to our clients. We are committed to providing our clients with practical solutions, professional and efficient services which will enhance and assist our clients with business/personal growth and gains.

Ms. Law Pik Han Elsa

Our Ms. Law is is a local born and has lived in the UK and the US for a considerable time, thus she is familiar with the difference in Chinese and Western cultures. She has also worked in private legal practices as well as being in-house counsel for reputable corporations, which made Ms. Law’s experience (not only in law but in commerce) all the more valuable for a fast pace and forever changing business environment.

Ms. Pang Chau Sheung Rosa

Our Ms. Pang is a lawyer with 23 years’ experience. She specializes in trademarks and intellectual properties, and is also a lecturer in intellectual properties and business law for a number of local universities and tertiary institutions as well as being a speaker for government and public organizations and also mentor on intellectual properties rights law.


Family Court – Issue on Forum Inconvenience between Hong Kong and Taiwan
WPH v SCH FCMC 11500 / 2014

Successfully defended an action against Hong Kong being the appropriate forum

District Court – Civil Action – Damages – assessment – breach of lift maintenance contract
Ryoden Lift Services Limited v The Incorporated Owners of Rialto Mansion DCCJ 36/2005

Successfully obtained judgement for wrongful termination of contract against Incorporated Owners

District Court - Civil Action - Contract - carriage of goods - incorporation of standard conditions - whether there was no contract – lien
Links International Relocations Limited trading as Links Relocations v Swift Christopher Lee DCCJ 817/2012

Successfully obtained judgement against the defendant recovering monies due for red wine transportation/shipment fees.

District Court – Civil Action – Civil Procedure – Leave to Appeal from District Court
Links International Relocations Limited trading as Links Relocations v Swift Christopher Lee HCMP 857/2014

Successfully defended an application to appeal by the Defendant.

District Court - Civil Action - Civil procedure - costs - order nisi - variation - observations on proper way of applying for variation
Links International Relocations Ltd v Swift Christopher Lee DCCJ817/2012